The Prophet (PBUH) was asked
Which fast was most virtuous after Ramadan?
He said: “Sha’ban in honour of Ramadan.“ He was then asked:
Which charity is best?” He said: “Charity in Ramadan.“ (Tirmidhi)


The Prophet (PBUH) was asked
Which fast was most virtuous after Ramadan?
He said:
Sha’ban in honour of Ramadan.“
He was then asked:
Which charity is best?
He said: “Charity in Ramadan.


This Ramadan, CONNECT with power of compassion, ACT with generosity to create a valuable IMPACT.

This sacred month of Ramadan presents us with a golden chance to draw nearer to Allah (SWT) through sincere reflection and acts of charity. Let us seize this meaningful opportunity to strengthen our faith, partake in self-improvement, foster connections with our loved ones, and actively contribute towards those in our communities.

In Ramadan, the essence of community lies in the act of charity. We firmly believe that by donating Fitrana and Zakat, we can ensure that our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, facing hardships, can partake in the joyous month of Ramadan and its festivities.


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For as long as you see the 100% Zakat Policy badge every % of your donation is used towards delivering humanitarian projects with maximum impact. Our indirect and administrative costs will be covered through Gift Aid, Non-donation based income, or Direct donations.

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HelpFeed 1 Million Meals is an initiative of Minhaj Welfare Foundation’s campaign – the world’s largest campaign to End Global Hunger. Every year, MWF reaches those in need with food assistance in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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Hope for Palestine

Building Bridges of Solidarity through Aid

The appeal is part of our ongoing commitment to raising awareness and funds for Palestinians facing immense suffering. We already dispatched several tons of dry food goods to aid Palestine, in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority. Through the help of local partners, delivered Hot Cooked Meals and Clean Water to the refugees in Palestine.

We travelled to Egypt-Palestine border where humanitarian aid was packed and delivered including:

  • Food Baskets
  • Water Containers
  • Winter Parcels
  • Medical Aid Boxes

Your donations are the lifeline that enables us to consistently send crucial humanitarian aid to Palestine. Stand with us in this mission!

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What is Ramadan ?

During Ramadan Muslims, between sunrise and sunset, will abstain from food and drink – as well as ill actions and impure thoughtsThis is a time for reflection and contemplation, as well as a time for giving which is why Muslims are obliged to pay Zakat ul-Fitr (Fitrana) during Ramadan before the Eid prayers begin. 

As the Islamic calendar goes by the sighting of the moon, Ramadan will fall roughly 10 days earlier each year in the Gregorian calendar and, thus, there is no exact time and date. When Ramadan falls during the summer months, this often means that Muslims will be fasting for between 18 and 20 hours a day (depending on their location), while the years that Ramadan falls in the winter months means a considerably shorter fasting period.

What is Zakat ?

Zakat is an Islamic finance term referring to the obligation that an individual has to donate a certain proportion of wealth each year to charitable causes. Zakat is a mandatory process for Muslims and is regarded as a form of worship. Giving away money to the poor is said to purify yearly earnings that are over and above what is required to provide the essential needs of a person or family.

At Minhaj Welfare Foundation, we are dedicated to making a real impact in the world by assisting those in need. We are eternally grateful for your ongoing backing. This Ramadan, we urge you to join us in our efforts to promote goodness. Whether you choose to donate to our appeals or take part in our projects, together we can truly make a difference and bring joy to countless individuals.

The Night of Power

In Islam, the Holy Month of Ramadan holds a special place as it marks the first revelation of the Holy Quran to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Many believe that this occurred on the 27th night of Ramadan, recognized as Laylat-ul-Qadr, or the Night of Power. However, some Islamic scholars assert that it could have happened on any odd-numbered night in the last Ten nights of Ramadan. Muslim communities worldwide observe charity on this day. Give Fitrana and Zakat donations on this night of abundant rewards and blessings, multiplied as if a thousand months